Do I need to upgrade to stay current in gaming or just leave it??

I had a mid-low gaming rig built for me in 2010 or so:
I think the CPU is too slow for 2012 games and need professional opinions to upgrade the CPU.
I will buy a complete new system in 2 years time, so at the moment I cant really afford to change the GPU or motherboard and chip set.
(a lot of reviews say go for Intel I series, just cant justify buying a whole new system after only 2 years with the current one)

My Specs
Windows 7 64 bit
Gigabyte 880gud3h Motherboard
AMD Athlon II X3 445 (bottle necked??) .. no OC, no 4rth core?
Ati Radeon 5770 cross fired
650 watt PSU

WEI gave me a 5.9 for my hard drive, so I will upgrade this...
all other stats were 7.3 or so .. not sure that is of any help.

My question is .. as I can mostly likely only upgrade the processor

1. is it worth it or is this system enough to get me by for 2012-2014 games.

2. if not than which processor will get me by
for the next 2 years ... the cheapest possible route please.
I don't need crazy perfect graphics .. playable is ok ...and 1280x1040 resolution.

Phenom series 1100t ..965...x4, x6 ??
its all really confusing ... and I assume that my board cant use the newer chip fx series ..

anyways and help will be appreciated ..i have done tons of reading and it has only confused me more, I am just not cut out for tech stuff ...

Thx in advance
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  1. i think a compatable motherboard with intel i series and an i5-2500k/3570 + 7950 or gtx 660 ti would do.
    your system now will have problems with the newest games i think.
  2. Why do you think you need to upgrade? You've said all you need is playable graphics at fairly low resolution.

    I don't see why your current computer wouldn't be able to do that.

    What kind of games are you playing ?
  3. Hi Krazy and rorgier ..

    Actually right now my system is able to play games alright.. i just want to proof it for the next 2 years if possible.

    I play skyrim, tribes, guildwars, CIV, global agenda, SMNC,

    I was just thinking to upgrade the processor as I have heard/read that crossfire takes more from the CPU ... and I have a basic CPU ..was worried it was bottlenecking the system due to my processor....

    If i can get by the next year or with what i have than that's great ..

    In 2014 or maybe a bit sooner I do want to overhaul the system and get a mid-high range gaming rig 2000-4000 ....but until then I just want to make sure i can enjoy gaming on what i have GPU and mobo purposes.
  4. Try and unlock the 4th core or get a PHII X4 980 BE, litle overclock + SSD would be a cheap upgrade for the next 18 months.
  5. Also i haven't tried graphic intensive games yet witcher 2, Crysis , BF3 etc ... but I want to ... soon and will the system I have be enough for future games these??


    I wont be able to switch out the GPU and MObo as where I am living at the moment , i cant sell the older parts or trade them in for an exchange ...

    so it either a little upgrade with the processor or the whole system change ..I will do a whole system change in 2 years time ... and if intel still has the lead on gaming reviews I will go that way, as well as one single GPU versus 2 weaker ones.
  6. Hi das-stig

    Thank you, that's what I was looking for some guidance for a cheap upgrade that can keep me going for the next 12-24 months...

    For my current MOBO and GPU set .. is the best recommendation ?

    ---PHII X4 980 BE
    Can others confirm and provide their opinions ..
  7. I should add .. I am currently working abroad .. In CHina , not in a big city ...
    I noticed prices here are higher than back home and not all computer hardware is available as back in Canada ..

    I was not able to find the PHenomeII 980 BE ... for sale ..

    I can get the 955, 965, 840t, 850.... would these be similar?
  8. The 965 or 955 is what you would want to get then.

    Do you have an after-market cooler ? You could get a hyper 212 if you don't and install that and then you can OC your new cpu a bunch too.

    I'm really not sure you need to upgrade until 2014 anyways though. If you're not picky about settings and can get by, you kind of might as well. There is virtually no chance a new game not working on that system. It may have to be run on low settings at low resolution but that computer will run anything into 2014.
  9. If you can get a 955 Black Edition or 965 Black Edition, you could easily overclock them to the same speed as the 980. The 840T and 850 are considerably weaker, as they have no L3 Cache, and actually should probably be called Athlon IIs.
  10. Krazyjamus/supernova ... great thanks ..

    I wasn't sure where my configuration stands .. reading reports of so many new GPU and CPU ..

    If a little upgrade with the processor can get me by and still enjoy gaming that's great news ...

    hate to press you further but .. 955 or 965 ?? if black edition is available for both ?
  11. Depends on price difference. If its $10 then get the 965 BE. If it's $30 get the 955 BE. Only difference is a 200mhz clock speed boost.

    Needless to say, the 965 is faster. If you're not into OC'ing then you may want to just get that one.
  12. If both are available in Black Edition, just get whichever one is cheaper. They'll both achieve the same clocks when OCed generally speaking. The 965 might do slightly better, it might not.

    Of course, always check the CPU compatibility for your motherboard before buying, and ensure you have the proper BIOS revision before installing a new CPU.
  13. Great Thx again you guys ..
    made upgrading a simple choice...

    Ill get which ever chip is cheaper and an aftermarket cooler " hyper 212"..
    settled .. thx

    And i will try to OC ...
  14. Make sure to get some thermal paste for your after market cooler too.

    Artic Silver 5 is good.
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