(Graphics Card) 2 different Graphics card at the sametime issue

I got an XFX ATI 6870 1GB Black Edition and also an MSI 5850 1GB.

Im not trying to Crossfire them. Im running 4 monitors, 3 20.5 on my 6870 and 1 28HDTV on my 5850.

It works fine and all but every time i reboot, my resolution is all messed up, HDTV is primary, my Eyefinity turns off.
Im getting kinda tired of readjusting it every time i boot up.
anyone know any fixes or recommendations?

AMD FX-6100 4.2ghz OC
16GBs Corsair Vengeance
1 1TB HDD & 1 2TB HDD
Antec Skeleton Case
3x20.5" Acer Monitors
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  1. Simplest answer: Leave PC on :sol:

    But in reality I would suggest Looking at the eyefinity setup guide that is sticky'd up top and make sure everything is set up correctly.
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