E7500 to q9550 worth the $100 upgrade?

I have a dell optiplex 380 currently sitting in the guest room with an core 2 duo e7500 processor. Recently, someone at the office asked me if wanted to trade the e7500 and a wireless router + $40 cash for his q9550. Looks like an ok trade but will this give me enough of a performance boost for the optiplex 380 (with a psu upgrade that's less than $60) to play multiplayer in games like bf3? this will be paired with a 720p 32 inch display, and it would be nice if I have an extra system for when people stay with me. Full specs of the 380 as follows. also, please feel free to recommend sub $60 psus.

Dell Optiplex 380
G41 based chipset
Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93 GHz --> Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83 Ghz
Kingston 8gb (4GBx2) DDR3-1333 RAM (underclocked to 1066, highest the board can support)
XFX Core Radeon 7750 1GB DDR5
Seagate 1TB 7200rpm HDD
Liteon DVDRW
Stock Dell 255w PSU --> ?
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    Double check the CPU support list on your motherboard before buying. Dell and other OEMs are notorious for offering very limited CPU support on their motherboards to get you to buy a new system rather than upgrade.

    The Q9550 will offer a significant performance boost over your E7500 in larger multiplayer BF3 games. For most other games, a GPU upgrade would have more of an effect than a CPU upgrade, as most games don't use more than 2 cores.
  2. Dell Optiplex will support the Intel quad core CPU's. You almost certainly will not be able to overclock it however.

    $100 is my threshold for upgrading an old computer
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  4. Thank you both! That's all I needed to hear. I don't really intend to overclock, or go above 720p on this rig so I think I'm good. For what is needed (an extra rig to play some multiplayer games with when I have friends over), $100 for the cpu + psu isn't so bad. Thanks again!
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