Existing HDD usage in new build?

Finishing my new build which will use a 64 gb SSD to run windows only. I am and unsure how to use my 2 prexising SATA drives from my old machine, which have all my documents, music, pics and videos. In fact some of the data is on the C: drive partition, while data on the 2nd drive is on L: and M:. Will it be okay to just plug them in use them or will the C: partion mess things up?
it seems like the easiest thing to do is move the all of the data to one drive, format the other and then move everything back and format the other drive. i dont need the programs and other installed crap. anything i do need can be reinstalled.
thanks for the input.
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    Yeah I don't think have 2 C drives will create an issue, but to be safe and easy just put it all on one drive if you can. Install windows on the SSD (make sure you put it into AHCI mode on the motherboard), then install the additional HDD and you should be all set.
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