Gigabyte gtx560ti 448 water cooling?

Will a water cooling kit for a gtx 570 also work for a gigabyte gtx 560ti448 core graphics card? I am looking for a better cooling solution for my gtx560ti,448. Please help!!! :bounce:
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  1. Dude there's no point in watercooling a GTX 560ti and that's serious overkill for a card like that... You'll be far better off with a good aftermarket aircooler such as the Arctic Cooling Accelero L2 Pro.
  2. the card i have has gigabyte windforce 3x cooler, so it has 3 fans on it, it is a massive card! its closest graphics card family member is a 570! so if people water cool a 570 then why wouldnt i want to water cool a 448?
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