Help - Nvidia Drivers killed my computer/s

I just added a GTX 260 to the 2nd pciex16 port on my computer.

Comp was running fine with GTX 460 on Asus sabertooth x79 motherboard.
Cards were not in SLI (obviously)

I booted up windows 7 on my SSD and it worked fine and auto detected and installed the software for the new card. (I assumed this would be fine but when it prompted for a restart i kept getting errors that windows failed to start...

Startup Repair Error Message:

I rebooted to my old windows 7 HDD that also had current Nvidia drivers for the GTX 460 and the same hardware configuration..

Tri display was working perfectly... Software installed... Everything worked. I ever started looking online for a fix, but after restarting the HDD it ALSO failed to load windows 7..

WTF Nvidia.. YU kill my windows 7?!?!

Pls help. I'm on a laptop trying to figure out what windows system files were changed when adding the GTX 260 to my computer...
What files are changed in windows 7 when it auto detects new video cards? halp.
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  1. What is your psu? maybe your psu didn't handled 260+460?

    remove video card (260), and see if the problem continues.

    you added gtx 260 for Physx only?
  2. Well it's not a power suppy issue... The new SSD works fine now that i reinstalled windows 7... GTX 460 and 260 running smooth even on benchmarks tri display. Also I'm running a corsair 750 watt PS. Going off what JJ from the x79 asus board said 750 watt is plenty for duel card.

    No idea how to fix my HDD boot though.. I know that during the re-install on my SSD when windows automatically detected new hardware I cancelled it and loaded the Nvidia Software instead.. I also did not disable system recovery this time around.

    I have no idea how to fix my HDD, and it's strange that doing the same thing.. (install 260 after 460 was working fine) leads to faulty windows boot.

    I was thinking about just copying the windows files from my SSD over to my HDD. Is it possible to do that? Copy / paste windows without reformatting? At this point it couldn't hurt anything because I cannot boot to the HDD anyway.
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