CF 5770s, or buy new gfx?

I have one AMD ATI Radeon HD 5770, and relatively soon I plan on upgrade my gfx card. I was told you can only crossfire the same model, so should I crossfire a 5770, or sell my 5700 and buy a different gfx (basically Id spend the $$ i get for selling + the cost of a 5770.. but I will go a bit higher if I need to). So, from the experts, what is better? and if selling is, what gfx should i buy?

thanks :)
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    for the price you would need to pay in one 5770 i would say best thing is selling it and upgrading your video card, if you take a 6950 would be a much higher performance for a close price range, even with a 6870 you would be getting results than crossfiring 5770.
    for newer technology you can fid 7850 2gb for good prices and even higher performance.
  2. Alright. My budget will be around 150 (but I might go a little higher, maybe), and this will be around Christmas (or Chanukkah for me!) so hopefully the 7850 is cheap enough, otherwise Ill get a 6950. Thanks!
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