932 HAF Advanced Fan not working

Hello everyone and thank you ahead of time for looking at my post.

I've had a problem recently with my AMD manual fan control not working since and update. After solving this problem the fan control worked. However I just noticed the medium sized fan above my GPUs is not working. I just downloaded SpeedFan and it recognizes the fan connected but adjusting the speed does nothing. I've taken the fan apart and cannot find any so whatever signs a failure burning or otherwise. Ive also checked to see if power is being sent and it is. The thing that worries me is on SpeedFans temp check my Chip IT8728F has three sensors reading 1: 47C 2: 31C 3: 127C Obviously the 127C worries me but also baffles me because I just turned on my computer and have engaged nothing that should stress it. My max CPU ussage since startup is about 3.3% Could the sensor possibly be wrong? I have 1 very large fan on top, one in front lower, 1 very large on side. 2 above the CPU and the one thats not working above the GPUs.

Anyways any ideas?
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  1. Oddly I just noticed that this 127C chip does not fluctuate at all. I mean it stays dead line 127C doesnt go up or down .001& Maybe its not being calculated correctly?
  2. Try plugging the fan into the motherboard and power supply directly. If they both don't work you will have to contact support to get a replacement.
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