Is my motherboard ruined by static?

Hello, I am in the middle of building a computer and I my case is on my carpet and I inserted my motherboard in it. I had no idea I needed to put the standoffs in my case so I installed it without them, but I recently installed the standoffs. I have been touching my case every time I handle it to get rid of static, however my PSU has not been plugged in. Do i need to plug it in because I heard you shouldn't? Not at one point has my motherboard touched the carpet or any of my components. ( I have my HDD, SSD and motherboard in my case). I am just worried when I install everything and turn on my PC my motherboard will be damaged by static. Is there any way to tell if its damaged by static? Does anyone think that it could be damaged by static because I heard it is ok to build on carpet as long as none of the components are touching the carpet. Can I send it back and receive a new one if it is damaged and would they be able to tell if it is damaged by static? Also, my PSU's fan does not turn on when I plug it into the motherboard. Thanks in advance.
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    I would think it's HIGHLY unlikely for your motherboard to die just by it touching the carpet. I've built on carpet numerous times, and sometimes putting the motherboard on the carpet because I got lazy to get the box :lol: . But since I live in a relatively humid area, static is of no concern to me.

    Also, it's recommended you build OFF of carpet, preferably somewhere without carpet and low chance of static (kitchen table, for example).

    As for your PSU fan, some PSU's have a hybrid feature where the fan doesn't turn on unless it hits a certain temperature/load. Are you sure your PSU doesn't have this feature?

    Anyway, have you finished building your rig? If so, did it POST?
  2. It sounds like your very new to building. So first off, SLOW DOWN.

    1) Don't build on carpet, build on a table or plastic surface because static can build up.
    2) Don't rely on touching the case to get rid of any static, grab an anti-static wrist band, they only cost about £1.50/$2.
    3) Your PSU is most likely ok, some PSU's fan's will only turn on once they reach a certain temperature - I wouldn't worry about this for now.
    4) If you "had no idea you should be using standoffs" you need to read the installation manuals or watch some video guides on building a computer. The screws are obviously supplied for a reason - this should have been obvious.
    5) Most motherboards do come with anti-static precaution chips onboard to prevent damage like this so I shouldn't think any damage will occur.

    Finish the build 'properly', power on, and see where your at.
  3. plug it in, turn it on. if alls fine and dandy, all fine and dandy. sounds more like a case of paranoia than anything ;)
  4. The green light turns on when i plug it in, but im just wondering when I get everything together there will be any side effects. Also if I have to send it back will I need to buy another Windows 7 OEM? Also thanks for the replys.
  5. I'm sure it's fine. It either works or it doesn't.

    About Win7, 1 copy of Windows per machine...and considering you're going to install a copy of windows on the same computer you originally installed it on, you won't need to buy a new copy :)
  6. Why don't you turn the sucker on? Obviously your PSU fan is not going to turn on until the computer is on.... Did you try to boot it up w/o the standoffs?
  7. I turned on the psu when the motherboard was without standoffs.
  8. legitiment said:
    I turned on the psu when the motherboard was without standoffs.

    Just turning on the PSU won't exactly...'turn it on' so don't worry. It needs to be plugged into the motherboard, then you need to turn it on via the power header ON the motherboard.
  9. I plugged it into the motherboard and i turned it on by the psu and the light turned green. So is there a chance my motherboard will live?
  10. The light that turned green indicates that the power supply is getting electricity. The light wasn't on the motherboard right?

    Also, build the rest of your system and let us know how it goes :)
  11. The green light was on the motherboard.
  12. Also if the motherboard works when I install my system does that mean its fine or could there be side effects.
  13. Please close this thread... stop asking silly questions and just use the computer already!
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  15. sorry
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