Where to get good computers for minecraft

i need to find a good computer for minecraft
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  1. Your own hands. (Build one.) TRUST ME. Anyone over like 13 can build a computer it's incredibly easy and pretty much every single member on here knows how to build one, can and will help you build one, and can help you create the most cost effective computer that is humanly possible for your budget. Do yourself a huge favor and go through the experience, it's actually fun (if you liked LEGOs when you were little that is haha)
  2. Yep. You get a WAY better computer for way cheaper. It's easy to put together, and actually rather fun.
  3. I feel like he is trolling. Most computers of this generation can handle minecraft without a problem.
  4. I doubt it. Maybe his computer is old and he doesn't know about this-gen technology. At least I hope he's not trolling. I have a few friends whose PC's couldn't run MC, but I finally got them to upgrade :D
  5. By the way Coby what is your price range?
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