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Do you get a badge from getting picked as a best answer? if so i don't think i got one :P
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  1. You don't, but you get a badge for the amount of best answers.

    You get 50 points per best answer.

    Bronze 10 best answers
    Silver 50 best answers
    Gold 150 best answers
  2. Opening a « question » thread 15
    Opening a « discussion » thread 10
    Opening a « poll » thread 10
    Posting an answer on a thread 4
    Posting a comment on a news 4
    Being selected as the best answer in a thread 40
    Selecting the best answer for a thread 25
    Creating your account 50
    Confirming your email 50
  3. or

    Bronze 5 best answers
    Silver 20 best answers
    Gold 50 best answers

    for some section of the forum
  4. Thanks everyone :)
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