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Running my cpu at 4.2 on stock voltage n auto voltage in Bios doing a amd overdrive stability test for 1 hour n on CPUID HW my TMPIN1 jumps from 39c to 82c is this right or a false reading because sometimes i get the same on TMPIN0 OR TMPIN2 even my fans rpm reading i get real high reading like over 10,000 rpms n which ones of the TMPIN is important i know one is for system temp n mines i think is TMPIN0
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  1. i try to put a pic but do not know how to do it on here i try copy n paste n it does not work
  2. what does amd overdrive report the temps as? if its stable then id say the reading is false in cpuid.
  3. Try using other temperature measuring and fan RPM reporting software to compare their results with those of CPUID. Sometimes, these programs can have wildly varying reports.
  4. 51c sometimes 52c on amd overdrive i try to put pics but do not know how to do it
  5. i even use the software that comes with the motherboard from gigabite
  6. I recommend giving SpeedFan a try. Check it's reports when you're using your Overdrive stability test.

    It's normal for a CPU and a graphics card to get much hotter than they would during regular usage when you put them under a stress test, so this might be accurate, but over 80C is hotter than it should be and is hotter than I recommend letting a CPU get for long.
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