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Hey, doing my first build just need to know what kinda ram would be good for an Z77 extreme 4 with a hyper 212 evo? (looking at http://www.scorptec.com.au/product/41589 ) is there any benefit in getting higher than 1600MHz?/8Gb

also does the evo fit in most mid tower cases? atm im going with the fractal design define 3 but wondering if it would fit in a Antec P183 V3?
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  1. The EVO is a very popular cooler and fits in almost all mid-tower case. Also the EVO isn't ridiculously huge, so if it can't fit the EVO then it probably can't fit most other coolers. And if it can't fit most coolers than it won't be a very popular case. But both of the cases you mentioned should have no problem fitting it. In terms of RAM the one you mentioned is prefect. The benefits of higher MHz is that the RAM can be accessed faster. 1600MHz is the most popular right now. You won't find many pc with anything higher. You may find 1333MHz on budget pcs since it is slightly older and cheaper. The amount of Gb you need depends on what you are doing. 8Gb is good for probably every game out there right now. That's the nice thing about RAM as it's one of the only affordable computer components that is more than enough for todays games.
  2. awesome thanks heaps!
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