Overheating Motherboard and RAM

My Psu died on friday, although it would still operate the fans, it would not power up my motherboard. I'm sending it off under warranty but in the mean time, im using a 550w atx advance 12v, it doesn't really tell me much else as i pulled it out of a computer that hasn't been used in a few years.

I noticed a burning smell once everything was up and running, and the psu was running very hot, unfortunately, my computer did crash before i noticed, i cleaned the PSU out with an aim compressor, and the rest of my case didn't need it as it gets cleaned regularly. The psu no longer runs hot but i still get the burning smell before my computer instantly shuts down when gaming.

The only 2 hot components in my computer are my RAM and the heatsink in the centre of my motherboard. I've tested some other RAM and this runs hot as well, but the heatsink on my motherboard burnt me, i had to touch it because my mobo doesn't have temp sensors ( i don't think)

My RAM, PSU, GPU smell fine and my CPU is water cooled and never goes above 50, even on prime 95, and the gpu never hits 60 degrees. I'm afraid my initial PSU dying may of effected my mobo, or this new power supply is cooking it.

As for computer specs:

E8500 dual core @3.7ghz
OCZ PC2 6400 800mhz gold edition (currently at 936 mhz running stable for a few months)
Geforce GTX560ti
Board: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. P31-ES3G

You may want to move this, wasn't entirely sure where to put it, the subsections in mobo and ram meant nothing to me :P
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  1. Not allowed to edit my post for some reason :P so ill add some info about my old PSU here, It was a OCZ 500w ModXstream Modular power supply, and fyi this computer runs for about 8-16 hours per day.
  2. What case and what cooling setup? Run HWinfo for temp info and post that info here.
  3. I use the Xigmatech Utgarde case, with the intake fan at the front facing the window, and here is HWinfo temp sensors at idle:


    Edit: H60 water cooler on CPU and everything is fairly cold to touch, including RAM at the moment, with the exception of the motherboard which is still insanely hot while idle.
  4. I think your old PSU surged while it crashed flooding your mobo with juice. I'd tried blowing a fan at the mobo to keep it cool. If it no longer feels hot, add a side fan. If everything is working the surge isn't as bad as it could have been.
  5. Don't know how much difference this makes but i have the case open about half a meter away from the window with quite a chill coming through, it is still far too hot :S
  6. Check BIOS voltages? Anything to adjust? Go back to stock clocks on all parts? Maybe its time for a mobo replacement.
  7. There isn't too much on voltage settings, i changed whatever was auto to manual to make sure it's not over doing it but that didn't help too much either, i'll take another look later in case there was anything i missed. I have another motherboard handy but i don't want to install it yet until i get a PSU i can trust, and saying that, i remember i can't install it yet because this psu doesn't have an 8 pin connector, and it doesn't boot with just a 4pin.
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