My new builds left me stumped!

Specs as follows:
i5-2500k oc'd at 4.5GHz, 1.32 VCORE, 101MHz bclk (Prime95 for 4 hours and IBT Very High for 7 passes: 71c)
Kingston HyperX 16GB 1600Mhz with Intel XMP enabled
Cooled with Hyper 212 Evo, 3 fan system
Gigabyte Z68-AP-D3 Rev 1 Mobo
OCZ 550w PSU

So I'm getting restarts in certain games, I can play Fallout:New Vegas for hours perfectly but whenever I launch Just Cause 2, Skyrim or Dead Island for 5mins-2hours I get a restart with no BSOD. I have monitored temps and they are all perfectly safe, my GPU is maxed at 52c and CPU 49c. I have tested my RAM with Windows, monitored PSU voltages and went default with no overclock.
No luck.
I am truly stumped.. :sweat:
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  1. OCZ isnt known for making or selling good quality PSUs.
  2. So you're thinking it is the PSU? I paid £55 for it, thinking I'd get good quality! :pt1cable: It's the ZS Series, if that makes a difference.. What can I do? Buy a Corsair or send this back to OCZ for another?
  3. You could buy a Corsair over OCZ ( I agree with vrumor, OCZ is bad) or you could also go for a Seasonic one.
    They say that it provides clean power and long lasting....
  4. I've seen some people having issues when XMP is enabled on some motherboards. Try disabling XMP as well as running at stock clocks just to get a baseline.

    Also, is your BIOS to the latest release?
  5. Yes BIOS is latest, I've tried running it all to the fail-safe defaults, no XMP, no OC etc... There's also buzzing noise coming from my GPU, is that something of concern?
    Thanks for the input so far
  6. Aw well.. Gonna hope for the best on a new PSU then, thanks anyways..
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