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Good Graphics card for 100 squid?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
March 20, 2012 12:31:47 PM

Is there a decent card out there, mid-range that has great performance but good for the price?
March 20, 2012 1:03:58 PM

i think you should exchange the squid for anchovies, or urchins at the least, for a better return in growing and upcoming markets.
a c 363 U Graphics card
March 20, 2012 1:07:56 PM

Mmmm.... squid.....

I love calamari dipped in marinara sauce....

Anywaste, I am not very familiar with stores in the UK so based on what's available at the best cards for £100 is either the AMD Radeon HD 7750 or the nVidia GeForce GTX 550Ti

You can get the following VTX3D Radeon HD 7750 for £79.99. Not sure how reliable VTX3D is; in fact I never heard of them. The card is probably overclocked to 1GHz, but the specs states 800MHz so there's some confusion there.

You can buy the following GTX 550 Ti for £86.98. It has a stock speed of 900MHz. There are other GTX 550 Ti's that are overclocked higher (910MHz to 970MHZ), but they also cost more.

In terms of performance, both cards are evenly matched overall. However, the Radeon HD 7750 uses much less electricity than the GTX 550Ti. Maximum power consumption for the Radeon HD 7750 is 43w compared to 138w for the GTX 550Ti. See following review: