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Hello all...
I haven't used an AMD card in ages. As such, I'm not really up on which brands are considered the best.
If you were going to get one of the new cards (7850/7870, not sure which one yet), which brand would you recommend.
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  1. Sapphire, MSI , Gigabyte , XFX
    This is my top from AMD video card manufacturers.
  2. either this one
    or this one
    or this

    I realize they're all currently out of stock on newegg, if they restock or you find them elsewhere for the same price $259.99 or even $270, I think they're worth it for the dual fan set up (quiet, efficient cooling), and manufacture OC, especially since some manufactures are starting to bin chips, so the OC editions tend to be a bit better
  3. I would suggest going for the MSI Twin Frozr II.I would also suggest going for a AsusDirectCU card but I haven't been able to find one.Those cards usually offer the best cooling.

    Honestly though I think it's to early to get a card from the 78xx series since they just launched.Best to wait until all the aftermarket version become available.Should be about 2 weeks.They should also release the 1GB versions for a bit cheaper if your interested in that.

    I really wanted to get this one, but took to long to let go of my money and they went out of stock. These things are FLYING off the shelves in a matter of hours at Newegg.
  5. They just don't have enough stock.It's the same deal as the Bulldozer processors when they first launched.Like I said just wait a week or 2 for all of the vendors to send out their versions of the card.More options and less hastle.
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    If possible I would highly suggest you try to wait until XFX makes their cards available where you are if possible. XFX cards receive a free lifetime warranty upgrade when you register them at XFX's website. That is tough to beat if you are looking to have the card in use for the next few years. There is something about GPU fans that makes them like to clog and lead to the card overheating.
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