Help plz computer not responding

i try and open tera(mmo) and it will play for 5 min sometimes and then my whole computer stops responding i have to turn off and back i meet the system requirements for the game im so lost... asus m5a97 fx eight core proc, 2 4g ddr3 ram , 600w psu , hard drive and dvd off old hp windows 7 galaxis case 4 fans with led lights..
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  1. forgot ati radeon 4650 graphics card
  2. This could be anything have you checked the event viewer to see if the system section can point you in some direction. First suspect would be the old hard drive, memory, psu. In cases like this it's good to start taking out anything extra that could cause the problem, but in your case the problem comes from the gaming.
  3. How long have you had this setup?
  4. About a week I had a professional install all hardware got it back 3 days ago and its had this problem since I got it. In the event really don't tell me anything big... I'm a noon at this stuff... So bare with me.
  5. in event viewer the only thing i found was The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort4. and now when i try to open my game it doesnt open its in proccesses about 40.000k but never opens ive also tryed a hd check it stuck on 4 of 5 10% tried 3 times ran memtest 4 passes 0 fails also i can go to uninstall a program and tera(game) there but does not show how big it is should say 2gig or somthing like that
  6. Does your professional offer a warranty with the work?
  7. He's a good friend of mine so I'm going to give it back to him and have him try and fix it I gave up after 7 hour grind researching !nd trying to fix
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