Hey guys, I'm a new member of Tom's hardware but I've been ogling around this site for almost a yr. And now's my time to ask our fellow members here regarding my build.

Currently I'm upgrading my current rig.
Here's my previous one.
Athlon II x2 250
Cheap Asrock mobo. N68-vs3 am3 slot
Sapphire HD 5670

I need help regarding my choice of parts. Here are my options.

Procie-> AMD FX-4100/Intel Core i3 2120
Motherboard->Not much to mention, a Gigabyte Am3+/LGA1155 slot
Video Card=> Sapphire HD 6770 1GB GDDR5 128bit/Palit GTS450 1GB 128bit ddr5 Fighter Edition/EVGA GTS450 1GB DDR5 192BIT

I'm an Amd/Radeon Fanboy. And I'm biased on choosing AMD over Intel. I also have read alot of reviews regarding the parts comparison but I can't really pick one.
And another thing.
Both the Intel/AMD parts are of the same price. So the only differentiation I need are it's performance. The Procie Cost at most 110USD from where I am(PH, Asia) and the Video card costs 100USD. I can't resort to Newegg, Ebay or any online selling site. And these prices are the lowest I can find within my country.
I'm short on cash so I can't pick another part which price's higher than the ones said. I only want to ask which is better?
I have extra cash on hand but it's reserved for my chassis and a 500w true rated psu.
My previous build doesn't meet my needs anymore.
I'm an IT student. And I do rendering, video editing, compress large filesI'm an uploader of different type of files) and also gaming.
My previous build can Run Battlefield 3 at Med Settings at 30-40ish FPS w/o any lag or stuttering. I want a build that can get a higher FPS with Higher settings at 1920x1080 res. I can't do further research regarding the comparison of the parts cause I'm dealing a lot of problems at school. And I'm gonna buy the parts next week so if you could help me out it'll be great.

AND PS. Overclocking is out of the question. I'll buy me a stronger cooler(Liquid) next month so I'll wait till then. Thanks
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