EVGA GTX 560 TI Classified Price

I need a GPU for my PC I've built (was waiting for the kepler to come out so current GPU's go down) and I've found a sale at newegg.ca for the EVGA GTX 560 TI Classified (448 Core) for $259.99 (which i can price beat at a local store for $249.99).

My question is, based on history of new cards coming out, would this likely be the lowest price in the next 1.5 months?
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  1. Also, would my PSU be able to power it? It says min 500 watts, I got a CX600 but it also says it requires 1x 8 pin and 1x 6 pin. Does this PSU have that? (I'm at work right now so i cant physically check mine)
  2. There have already been some price reductions on the entire Nvidia line recently.

    I think specifically you will see another reduction on the mid tier cards because yesterday the 7870 and 7850 officially went on sale for AMD/ATI.

    The 7850 is priced @ $249. It beats the 560 Ti in all benches and seems to be just behind the 560Ti 448.

    Someone else will need to chime in on your PSU query.
  3. Anyone know if the PSU can support it?
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