3570k + 660ti SLI or 3770k + 680

I'm deciding between these processors and video cards:

ASUS 660ti SLI
i5 - 3570k

Total: $849.97


ASUS 680
i7- 3770k

Total: $869.98

I'm using this system to play mostly today's games on a 1680×1050 22" monitor. I will be overclocking a little, probably to 4 - 4.5 ghz

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Its not worth spending that much for your monitors resolution. How about i5 3570K + 670 + new monitor.
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    There's no need for an i7 for gaming.

    [x] 3570k + 670 (or 680) + 1920x1080 screen
  3. whatsthatnoise said:
    There's no need for an i7 for gaming.

    [x] 3570k + 670 (or 680) + 1920x1080 screen

  4. No need for a GTX 680 period, it costs 25% more on average than the GTX 670, and performs only about 5-6% better. Not a good cost to performance ratio at all, especially considering you can spend between them and get a 7970 GHZ edition that outperforms BOTH of them. .. But yea, the i7 does nothing for gaming performance that the i5 can't do.

    I wouldn't do a 660 TI setup right out of the gate either, a single, stronger video card is almost always the best solution.
  5. A 3570K and 7950/670 is enough especially at that res.
  6. Thanks for the help guys, I'm going with a 660ti and a 3570k, because I don't want to buy a new monitor cuz I might get 3D in the future. I'm gonna spend the money for extra stuff
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  8. CPU: 3570K (locked)

    GPU: Two 660ti's are roughly 10-15% faster than a single 7970/680 but at the cost of a 20% cost hike and higher power consumption. I would rather get a single GTX680 or HD 7970 or save buck and split the middle ground with a GTX 670
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