Motherboard has sufficient spacing for PCI?

I just had a quick question pertaining to a new build in the works. I have already ordered the parts, but I am still undecided on what type of wireless card to go with my motherboard, whether it be PCI, PCI-E, or possibly a usb.

Will a pci wireless card fit onto this board with a crossfire configuration?
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I didn't order two cards, but I was wondering in the case that I ever do purchase a second 7850. I am not sure how many slots a 7850 takes and if it would be covering the PCI slots themselves.
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  1. From looking at the pictures it looks like the 7850 takes two slots and would not be covering 1 of the pci slots in a crossfire setup. I am simply trying to verify that.
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    A PCI wireless card would fit in the top PCI slot, but it would be sandwiched between two GPUs. Just to be on the safe side, I'd go ahead and go with a PCI-Ex1 wireless card.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Best answer selected by Blakexeal.nnThanks for the input. I just bought one pci-e version =)
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