Which 1 i wnt 2 choose..??GPU or processor??

hai frnds...!! am new in here...!
plz help me frnds..
my system has low specs
intel dual core E5200
2.50 Ghz
nvidia 9500GT 1GB

here the pblm z ..high end games like (GTAIV) z not wrking properly on my system....!!! so guys i have 2 options.. n am totaly confused... :pt1cable:

1.upgrading my processor to intel i3 or i5...
2.upgrading my GPU to any good one...

n my budget for GPU z below INR 10000
n processor i3 or i5.......

which option is good...n what i wnt 2 do...????????? :sarcastic:
guys plz help...!! :cry:

sorry for my bad english..!!!! :(
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  1. Do you mean a Sandy Bridge i3/i5 processor?

    What is your total budget including the CPU and GPU?

    Are their any other games you play?

    The thing with GTAIV is that it is a very poorly coded game.So even if you ugprade you may not see that much of an increase.But what I found to be most helpful was upgrading the processor.
  2. i dnt knw more abt processor...n its price..!!!
    anyway how much cost 4 intel i5???

    n u mean.. thr z no need of upgrading GPU??

    if i upgrade to intel i3 ..GTA IV will work???

    no other games am playing...mainly GTAIV...!!
  3. How much in total do you have to spend on PC upgrades?

    Intel i5's usually cost around $200 or about INR 10000.But that's just for the processor itself.You will have to upgrade your motherboard and RAM.That's why i'm asking what your total budget is for this.
  4. New I3/I5 would require a new motherboard and DDR3 RAM. A new video card would be the cheaper route to improve game performance, but for GTA IV to run well your going to want a better CPU and better GPU.
  5. anyway my budget is arround INR 25000.........
    if i upgraded to i3 ...GTA IV works??? or want i5??
    i3 + 9500GT 1 GB
    i5 + 9500GT 1 GB....!!!!
  6. I would go for a Sandybridge i3 and spend what money you have left on a new GPU.
  7. is that good...!!! i3 z good for gaming??? will GTA IV works???
    n which i3 processor is good for gaming??
  8. how much cost for intel i5 ...with ddr3 motherboard, 2GB RAM,????
  9. n thanx 4 ur rplys....!!!
  10. GTAIV should run better but your also going to need a GPU upgrade to get the most out of it.



    But don't forget your going to need to upgrade your RAM and motherboard.
  11. n can u plz suggest a graphics card for i3...??
    low budget n better than 9500 gt 1 gb...!!!
  12. The thing is that i3/i5 are not compatible with your motherboard. So it is better for you to upgrade your GPU...something like 6850 or 6870 should not be much limited by your CPU
  13. Well first things first.Find a mobo and some RAM then post back with how much money you have left in your budget.
  14. k...thnx
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