Upgrade graphics on Dell Optiplex 390 without replacing power supply?

Some friends and I want to do some mild-gaming at work. (Diablo 3 on low/medium settings with good FPS, starcraft 2, etc).

We have Optiplex 390 machines at work - Core i3, 4GB ram, etc. They're small form factor, so really crappy power supply. I upgraded my video card to a 6570 to play some minecraft at a reasonable FPS. However, with Diablo 3 coming out, SC2 expansion, etc., we want to try to get the most of our machines as possible.

Is there any sort of solution that'll work for us to upgrade the video on these without upgrading the power supply? If not, would we even be able to upgrade the power supply on these machines since they're so small, in order to stick a higher end card in it? (ATI 4850 even - not THAT high end, but probably sucks too much power for the stock Optiplex 390).

Any suggestions? We're getting upgrades this summer to either Optiplex 790 or 990 machines - Core i7, but they'll be small power supplies/form factors as well. I looked into external video cards - they're all for laptops it seems.

Any ideas?
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  1. you need to use proprietary power supply if you are thinking about upgrading it. the wirings are bit different from the standart power supplies

    here are some low profile video cards

    the 6670 for $100 looks like the fastest you can get in that size
  2. The problem with the 6670 is I'm assuming it won't work on a machine with a 250watt power supply, right? I know it's ghetto, but do you think I'd be able to have a power supply sitting on my desk outside of the case (normal size power supply), and have the wires running to the inside powering everything?
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