PCI express compadability issue

My motherboard (760GM-E51 AM3 Socket) supports 2.0 PCI Express while my graphics card is a 2.1 PCI Express.

Would that show any problems? I get the "Display Driver has stopped responding & Recovered error" alot and was wondering if that might be the cause.

Does anyone know a way to fix that error?

Any help would be great thanks! :D
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  1. The Pci-e version is not your issue the video card would be backwards compatable to the Pci-e 2.0. You can try to go back to the previous driver and see if that stops the error, , usually when you get that error it's because there is a conflick between the video driver version and something else so going back to a previous driver version may help. You do want to make sure that you delete all of the related driver files and a program called "Driver Sweeper" would be a good tool to use and I believe that it's a free download.
  2. Basically what I did, because ive tried older versions, was just hit "uninstall" which sounds like that doesnt do the job compared to "driver sweep"

    Ill try it and let you know
  3. So no good. I know it has nothing to do with the drivers and I tried a new mobo.Which also didnt work so Im ganna see if its a windows update or my AV.
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