Code 43, nvidia 8800gt

I recently received this error: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) for my nVidia 8800gt.

I've done a bit of research only found answers suggesting I throw it in my oven - which may be the answer in the end but for now I don't think so.

Anyways, the problem is that it was working fine, playing all my games, not overheating, then I restarted my computer and BAM, suddenly "no display is connected to an nvidia gpu." BUT, as I write this, I'm using a monitor hooked up to the very graphics card that is supposed to be "disabled."

My question is: How can my graphics card be dead if I'm using it right now? There aren't any lines or artifacts of any kind that indicate my card is breaking. The only problem is this error, and the fact that none of my games are working anymore because of it.

I've tried: Uninstalling the drivers, loading old drivers, uninstalling the card and reinstalling in device manager.

I have not yet put it in another computer to see whether it works on a different setup, which would, to me, indicate it is a windows problem rather than an nvidia one.

And lastly, I have not installed anything recently that would have conflicted with it. Some windows updates have been said to affect this issue, I uninstalled the latest windows update to no avail.

All this being said... help. Please. And thank you.
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  1. driver crash might be caused by overheating
    keep your eye on the temps, cranks up the fan speeds
  2. For those out there with the same issue, I did end up throwing it in my oven at 385 for 11 minutes and I am happy to say it worked :)

    Just follow the instructions online (you can google baking your graphics card and learn everything you need to).
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