GPU or PSU Failure?

So I had my computer shipped from Germany to the US as I was relocating. On receiving the computer I realized that the Deutsche Post completely bashed the back of my computer. This knocked out my GPU, other than that nothing looked damaged.

I bought a new case, put everything back together and started the PC up. It showed a great amount of pixelation and tearing. I started it up again and same result... after several attempts the tearing was gone and it booted with no issues. Upon starting a game, watching an HD movie, or starting furmark the screen would pixelate and tear and if I didn't stop whatever was causing it the display would trun solid windows xp blue and I would have to hard reset/shutdown.

I instantly assumed it was the GPU so I ordered a new one. Now my friend claims it may be the PSU failing on me. Because of this my friend allowed me to try and use my GPU on his computer to test it. It would display solid xp blue and the cursor all attempts besides one, which displayed the windows 7 loading screen then again, blue with cursor.

What do you guys think? GPU or PSU?


OS: Windows 7 64bit
PSU: 650W Antec
CPU: Phenom 955
GPU: AMD HD 6850
Mobo: Crosshair V Formula
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  1. Definatley GPU, if the PSU was screwed up then it wouldn't like to start or it would have errors in the shape of things other than just GPU processes.
  2. I had assumed so but according to my friend it could be the PSU since the issues cause when the GPU works, drawing more wattage from the PSU.
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    The GPU does take quite a bit of power, however, when the PSU fails it generally fails to a degree that nothing works properly. I've never had a PSU 'die down' and lose only 50-100 watts. It's always been complete failure. Also, when will your new GPU get there? And the last thing I can recommend is run benchmark tests for other parts of your computer, if it only crashes for the GPU and not, say, the processor then you know for sure.
  4. Try another Pci-ex port first..... see if it had same problems (when the gpu knocked there a chance the pci-ex became loose / not proper contact anymore)

    edit: i miss read that u had checked with your friend comp, with the blue screen all over then the GPU is broke..
  5. Funny thing is that is how my friend described a GPU. I guess his old nVidia Geforce 8600 had popping capacitors over the course of a 2 month period... the thing didn't die until the last one popped.

    And you make a great point, running a prime64 test should show similar results if it is the PSU.
  6. So... We're in agreement dead GPU... At least you already ordered a new one.
  7. Thanks you guys. I am just really unsure and on an extremely tight budget... my biggest fear right now is blowing money for no reason xD
  8. btw make sure the slot is still fine.. (I had bad experience with moving company and my usb port broke...)

    about PSU, it is unlikely broke just by moving (rough handling) but u will need to check for loose connector / wire...
  9. Okay so i just ran a stress test for 10 mins on my CPU (prime64) and nothing went wrong, low temps and no crash). As for it being my slot, i tried a pci-e x1 on it and it worked fine, on top of that when it was tested on my friends computer we knew that his slot worked since he had been using his gpu with it, and continued to after the test.

    Thanks you guys, feel way better now. The prime64 test is so obvious to me now xD
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