Dell laptop inspiron 1525 no bootable device

i tried to partition(esset partition master) my c drive which contain window and after finishing partition .the laptop rebooted and showed up the message"no bootable device".i removed the hard drive a put in my pc i could see all the file there.
In the laptop's bios it is only showing 160
GB HDD no name is shown.Plz help me.
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  1. Hi asadasdsdas,

    My name is Sanjeev and I work for Social Media & Community at Dell.

    The reason for the message "no bootable device" is because you have done partition on a drive that contains the OS, which is inappropriate.

    Unfortunately you will not able to boot using that drive since you have already done the partition.

    I would recommend you to connect the drive to another PC like you did before and back up all the data. After you back up the data connect the drive back to the original computer and do a clean installation of OS.

    You can do the partition during the OS installation.

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