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Can anyone please tell me if this harware is compatible, and how i would go about setting it up

*case newegg Item# N82E16811146068 Price-129.99
NZXT Phantom PHAN-001WT Black Steel / Plastic Enthusiast ATX Full Tower Computer Case
*CaseMod Item#: PHAN WI price24.99
*MotherBoard newegg Item# N82E16813157295 Price-169.99
ASRock Z77 Extreme6 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
*CPU newegg Item# N82E16819116504 Price-239.99
Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz (3.8GHz Turbo) LGA 1155 77W Quad-Core Desktop Processor
Intel HD Graphics 4000 BX80637I53570K
*VideoCard newegg Item#N82E16814161411 Price-339.99
HIS H787F2G2M Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card
*PSU newegg Item#: N82E16817341049 price-89.99
OCZ ZS Series 750W 80PLUS Bronze High Performance Power Supply compatible with Intel Sandy Bridge Core i3 i5 i7 and AMD Phenom
*RAM newegg Item#: N82E16820145345 Price-49.99
CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B
*CPUHeatsink/fan newegg Item#: N82E16835118054 Price-60.99
ZALMAN CNPS9900 NT 120mm 2 Ball Low-noise CPU Cooler
*SSD newegg Item#: N82E16820239045 Price-139.99
Kingston HyperX 3K SH103S3/120G 2.5" 120GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) (Stand-Alone Drive)

*HDD newegg Item#:N82E16822148844 Price-179.99
Seagate Barracuda ST3000DM001 3TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive
*DVD/CD Drive newegg Item#:N82E16827118031 Price-17.00
SONY Black 18X DVD-ROM 48X CD-ROM SATA DVD-ROM Drive Model DDU1681S-0B - OEM
*Case Fans
*Monitor newegg Item#:N82E16824236117 Price-174.99
Asus VH238H Black 23" Full HD HDMI LED Backlight LCD Monitor w/Speakers 250 cd/m2 ASCR 50,000,000:1
*keyboard newegg Item# N82E16823839010 Price-119.99
AZIO Levetron Mech4 KB588U Black 11 Function Keys USB Wired Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
*Mouse newegg Item#:N82E16826153061 Price-30.99
RAZER Abyssus Mirror Special Edition Black 3 Buttons 1 x Wheel USB Wired 3500 dpi Mouse

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  1. That's a good start but you're paying way too much for the HDD and the peripherals.

    I wouldn't get the Hyper X SSD - get an M4 instead:

    And you're spending way too much on peripherals - drop that to a cheap keyboard and mouse and upgrade your GPU to a 7950 or a GTX 670.

    You do not need extra case fans - the Phantom includes plenty to begin with and you can only use as many as your case allows for, so wait and get those after you get your build up and running.

    If you get the Vengeance RAM - watch the tall heat sinks, those will not be good for installing coolers. Make sure you get the low profile version.

    Finally switch out your CPU fan - Zalmans are not the greatest, go with this instead:

    If you switch out your HD to this - it will give you enough to upgrade to a GTX 670:
  2. Alright i will look into those things, thanks, and about setup, do i just put everything in the case , connect it and its ready or is there some kind of setup procedure that i need to follow
  3. nope it a jigsaw puzzle that you have to put together. it simple to put together. the first step is putting your power supply in the case. with power supply the bottom is where the fan is unless it a rear blowing power supply. the fan going to be facing down and on one edge is four screw holes. those screw holes line up with the power supply bracket. (some ps now ship a rubber damper with there ps some ps will fit and some wont with this rubber spacer.). the next step i do to protect the mb and it easer with the mb on a table. take the mb out of it anti static bag and put the bag on the table and the mb on top. take out the cpu cover protection and with a good flashlight and magifier check for any bent pins. you should not have any but before you drop that cpu in it good to check then stop. if you do have bent pins take a photo of it (new egg and mb vendors think it uses that bend the pins on bad install of cpu and wont warranty a replacement.) if there are none then open your cpu package there a gold arrow pointing to pin one. on 1155 mb that pin should be on the bottom left side of your cpu scokket when installed. (you have to lift the cpu arm up and lift the metal cover. the cpu should sit flush with all the pins and line up with the cpu clips. there should be no real force needed to close the metal clip and lock it down. then you install your memory into one of the banks..(most mb have two colored banks..most mb will be looking for ram in a0 and b0. slots. with the ram in with the board out put your mb heat sink on and connect it to the cpu fan clip. the next step will be easy if there two people. pop out the case i/o shield so it empty. then with a colored felt pen line the mb up to the stand off screw where there drilled in the case. (most mb use 6-9) brass standoffs. with the screws holes colored to where a stand off needs to go put in your 6-9 stand offs. then open the mb box and inside is going to be the i/o shield for that mb.they just push in and are help by the mb. now this is where two people and a magnetic tip screw drivers come in handy.
    the i/o shield has some padding to keep it from shorting out this padding is not goingto let the mb line up without someone pressing in from the back side of the mb. the trick is not to use to much force that the board warps to get it to screw in.
    if you have to use that much force the i/o shield not in all the way.with the mb lined up with a friend put 4 screws in on the four sides of the mb but not all the might have to move it a little to line up all the standoffs. with all the screws in tighten down make the snug but dont over tighten...there are small copper traces in mb..dont want to bend them or cut them.
  4. you then want to take the 24pin atx plug and plug it in. the next to pluggs are keyed they can only go in one way. the next plug is the aux 4/8 pin power plug on the mb. (do not use the two cables with the 6 pins and the two pins hanging on to one side. those two cables are your pci video card 6/8 pin cables. you now want to plug in your case header wires. at this step i power on my pc to see that i have the power/reset and led right. it may give you a beep code because the video card not connected. you just want to see that the mb powers on and the reset switch works. and the leds come on. when set unplug the power from the power supply and wait 5 min for the mb to drain. the next step has two things to be careful of. the sata power and data cables..there easy to snap off or bend the pins if you force them on. there keyed "L" the trick is to pre line up the power and data cables and have some velcore or plastic tywraps for wire management. depending on your power supply and it cable set up you might have all the power plugs you need on one cable and the lenth to go from the cd rom to all the hard drives and ssd.
    if not a lot of ssd kits have a 4 pin molex to sat power adaptor. most time i use that on the cd-rom. going to be on the end of the molex cable by itself. then use the sata power cable for the ssd or hard drives if there just one or it too short. (a lot of new mb are now using 45 deg sata ports on the edge of new mb. these ports to line the cables up you need one end of a sata data cable to be straight. some mb vendors will toss in two of these cables for free. there only a few dollars if this your first build i order two.. look at the mb image of where the sata ports are and the length they have to be to reach the cd-rom or hard drive. it a pita when the cable is short. the last three steps are plug in your case fans to the fan headers...(on pre build check that the case is using 4 pin fans so that you can adjust the fan speed in the mb bios.) full speed fans....pc ready for takeoff. you then want to pop out the back i/o plate for the video card and plug the video card into the pci slot. then connect it power.
    the last step is to clean the wires up that need to. when your cleaning the cables make sure there not going to be sucked into the cpu fans or case fans or going to lay over the video card heat sink and melt.
  5. I do this next before try loading windows...i boot into a pc and go into the thermal and voltage set up of the mb and let it sit there for 20-30 min. what your looking for is that your letting the thermal paste cure..your also looking at the cpu see that the heat sink on right. a good heatsink the temps should be 30-40c range. if they hit 50c and keep going the heat sink not on right or you forgot the paste. if after 30 min the temps and voltage are steady you want to see what speed the mb is reading for the ram. with some mb and ram you have to use the xmp profile to get the mb to read max speed. you also want to check that all the cd-rom and hard drives are there and that the sata ports are set to achi not ide or raid. if placing os on a sdd it easer if you power the pc down and unplug the data cable from the hard drive. windows will then only see one drive and place the system restore and os on that drive. one tip so that you dont have to load windows twice if using an ssd check that the firmware is up to date. you may need to plug it into another pc. some firmware update will wipe the data off the ssd. with the os loaded you need the mb cd to install the chipset drivers for the mb/net card and sound card. you may have other drivers on the cd- that you may or may not need. you then want to run all the windows updates and service packs..when done you can run memtest to see if your ram is fine and there no issue. stress test would be prime95 or intel burnin. when running these burn it have hardware monitor or fan speed running to watch the temps of the cpu and gpu. you can also run crystalmark ssd tools if you have an ssd to check it read/write speed. and that you have it connected to the right sata port.
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