How to activate Radeon over Intel GPU

I have an HP Envy Laptop and it has two graphics cards. An Intel graphics card and an AMD Radeon one. How do i get the graphic card to prioritize over the intel one so that its always being used?
I want to use it for my online game.

Ive tried going into amd's catalyst control center and doing it from there and no luck :(, and ive tried enabling it through devce manager and no luck either :(

anyone have any ideas how i can use it for my online java based game?
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  1. Hi,

    Sometimes when you add a discrete video card to a computer that has onboard, you have to go into the BIOS and disable the onboard video card before the new one will work. If you go into your BIOS, see if you can see the chip listed and if it will let you disable it. If for some reason, you lose video totally because the other graphics card doesnt work, you will probably need to reset the bios. Most machines have either a jumper to do this, or you disconnect all power to the systemboard and then remove the BIOS battery for about 30 seconds, which will restore the BIOS to its defaults.
  2. thanks
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