Can you use an ATX 12v 8-pin power connector on a 4-pin port?

I have a 700 watt power supply with an 8-pin ATX connection. Can I slide them apart and use only half of it. Also which half would I use?
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  1. yes just split them the use half. Watch carefully the pattern of the pin holes. Make sure you use the one that match the 4 pin port. The patterns are either square or trapezoid...
  2. Yes, just make sure it fits. Don't just shove it in.
  3. Both answers gave me the information I needed. Both are explained very well. How can I choose between them?
  4. The two are different, I think one has all square shaped pins, the other has a combination of square and trapezoid...I forgot lol just make a picture in your mind and see if the pattern on the PSU fits the mobo
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