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Hello, i just installed a new hyper 212 plus into my gaming comp and when applying the thermal paste got really jittery and feel i may have applied too much or brought the cpu cooler down on a weird angle, im mostly asking this question for insurance, i ran bf3 ultra settings and got these temps

core 0 avg 40c max 46c

core 1 avg 51c max 56c

core 2 avg 47c max 51

core 3 avg 42 c max 46

idle their all about 20c - 33c
any feedback on the matter would be greatly appreciated (:
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  1. dont know if this changes much or anything, but i was running these temps with the side cover of the comp off
  2. update* ran at 100% for 5 minutes

    core #0 average 55c, max 58c

    core# 1 average 67c, max 69c

    core# 2 average 57c, max 62c

    core# 3 average 57c, max 57c

    please someone give me feedback, this seems pretty high for an aftermarket cooler with boasting feedback and reviews
  3. Temps are relative, name your CPU
  4. Intel Core i5-3570K 3.4GHz Quad-Core
  5. The temperature looks fine to me.
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