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He everyone! I've got Windows 7 on my Desktop PC and my Notebook. I'm trying to set up a Windows 7 homegroup, but have reached a problem. A few months ago, our router died. We replaced it, and Windows 7 automatically added a "2" to the end of our old network name (works fine). I'm trying to set up HomeGroup, but it won't work because of the different network name of my desktop PC. So confused! Any ideas on how I can get it to connect to the old network that the laptop and the other PCs on our network are connected to? If it helps, the laptop is using wireless, and the desktop is using power line networking. Thank you!
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  1. By "Network name", do you mean Workgroup name? If so, change it in Computer Name so the two match. That said, changing the router shouldn't have made any changes to the computers.

  2. Yes. When I reconfigured the router, it created another workgroup name. It changed from "-----" to "-----2." How do I change its name?
  3. I just deleted the other networks that it had saved. Now, the network shows up as "network." Looks like this:

  4. Can the laptop "see" the network name which the router is broadcasting - not necessarily called Network but whatever the router defaulted to.

  5. Yes. It can see the SSID.

  6. OK - what happens when you try to connect? Do you know your Security Key?

  7. OK - what happens when you try to connect? Do you know your Security Key?

    Yeah. I know my security key. I don't have any problems connecting. The issue is that Windows 7 on the wired network has mysteriously created another network.
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