How do I stop Windows from logging me out of ALL sites upon unexpected


Say my system freezes and I have to press the power button to turn it off... when I log back into windows, all websites have forgotten me
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  1. Are you talking about your internet history, bookmarks, or open tabs?
  2. none of those really, I mean my login.. like right now I'm logged in on this website as JDX3DS.. I'd have to re login
  3. My advice is to fix the system. It really should not freeze at all.
  4. not much I can do about it..
  5. It's not Windows logging you out of websites.
    Are you having Windows clear cached and cookies frequently? As it 'all the time'?
  6. Actually the OP is correct. I have a little netbook that will lock up sometimes when I get carried away and try to make it do several things at once :ange: ( it was a gift....a painfully slow gift ) and when I have to reboot via the power button it does the same thing. It's like it does a "Clear Browsing History" in Internet Explorer when it reboots.
  7. Yeah exactly
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