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I am running a Acer EM61SM/EM61PM mb with Windows 7 Home.
I was finnishing downloading a torrent the other night when all the sudden the speakers started buzzing at full volume. The volume control on the speakers had no effect on this.
I turned the computer off, but the speakers continued to buzz. I then unhooked all my peripheral hardware to no effect
I checked out the speakers on another computer and thier O.K. My internet and computer function seem unimpared it,s just now I have to do everything without sound.
I ran any troubleshooting app from microsoft I could get my hands on, but they told me everything is running fine.
I was having a 1394 "fail to start" in my device manager tried to repair it and install a new driver but it wouldn't take. Could this have anything to do with it?
Please help
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  1. Alot of times a speaker will buzz if the speaker wire is close to your computer or monitor power cords. If this is the case, your windows volume control will not change the volume of the buzzing, but if you adjust the volume control on the speaker, it should get quieter.
    "The volume control on the speakers had no effect on this. " did you adjust the physical knob on your speaker here?

    If you hook the speaker up to your front panel audio (without going behind your PC, just get the speakers away from everything), does it still buzz?

    Though frankly, I would try running a virus scan as well, simply because it was sudden and while you were torrenting. But I'd put my money on it just being a noisy power line crossing over into your audio signal.
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