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Hi all
I have got ASUS M4A78L-M LE motherboard, AMD Athlon II x2 240, ASUS RADEON 5670 (DDR3), 2x1Gb DDR2.
I'm plunning to upgrade my PC for gaming because of poor perfomance at all (without changing MoBo)
My CPU support list is not large, so i can choosed Phenom II x4 945 (3.0 Ghz,/8Mb/2000Mhz).
At graphics i wanted a 120-170$ card like a 6790/6850/6780 (i don't prefer GeForce here)
Also i would go to 4Gb RAM
So, can U help me with choosing graphics card with processor? Are there any better variants for me? Should I make update on this MoBo?
P.S. I would play games at 1680xx or 1920x1080
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  1. The motherboard limits you to nothing more than a Phenom II...so check out the Gaming CPU Hierarchy Chart: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-cpu-review-overclock,3106-5.html

    Consider the AMD Phenom II X4 965 or other "Black Edition" processors with unlocked multipliers (easier overclocking)

    A 6850 would be a decent choice, maybe a XFX Double D HD-685X-ZDFC Radeon HD 6850 1GB

    Also note that using 4GB ram you will need to use a 64-bit OS system to use all 4 GB of ram...I use 4 GB of RAM with Windows XP 32-bit and the system reads it as 3.25 GB...just so you are aware...
  2. Thanks. So will i have any bottleneck if I'll get Phenom II x4 945 and 6870? (and if 560ti?)
  3. You won't run into any bottlenecks. My brother and I both run X4 955's (basically the same CPU, just 100mhz faster) :) I use a 560 Ti, he uses a 6870. Absolutely no problems with anything.
  4. JoyLessUA said:
    Thanks. So will i have any bottleneck if I'll get Phenom II x4 945 and 6870? (and if 560ti?)

    mocchan is correct, probably not...the Phenom II X4 cpus fall in the middle of the cpu hierarchy chart, and as such, are a solid choice. You would have to be running large monitors (or a multi-monitor setup) at high resolutions for cpu bottlenecking to be an issue...and then your gpu choice would be an issue first anyway in such a scenario...
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