Hello, my new system is due to arrive (in pieces) in a day or two, after researching the internet - I have found that fans commonly use 3 pin power connectors whereas my motherboard only has one (for the Heatsink), so on my case, the two fans included, where do I plug them in? Is it via a molex or do I need to buy some adapters etc. Thanks

Case - CM Storm Enforcer
Mobo - Asus M5A78L-M/USB3
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  1. Oh and PSU - GX650W by CoolerMaster
  2. The case will likely have a molex adapter to power the fans. That's how my Thor v2 works, anyway. Has a couple fan controllers built in that need to be hooked up to a molex connector, then I connect the fans to leads out of the fan controllers.
  3. i would pick up one of these cables. if your going to run two fans and want to be able to slow them down.
    they do make four pin molex to fan cables if you want to run the fans from your power supply at full speed.
  4. Thanks for your reply! Would this be of any use considering I have a Maplins store just down the road from me?
  5. you want to split the power and control signal from the mb the mb header can be 3 or 4 pins now.
    the four pin one will look just like it. your mb will be able to spin up or down two fan on that header.
    dont use one like this that goes from one to 4. led type fans might pull more power the the header can take. most time two reg fans are fine.
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