How is my cable management? (new build)

So Just finished putting together my new build, and am wondering how my cable management is. This is MY first system I built, and first new computer in 8ish years. I have built computers for friends and family, but never really gave cable management thought, untill I started working on mine. I want to have my case looking clean, the wires behind the mobo tray still bugs me, looks messy imo. Fan wires are a messy deal. Really wish the Three Hundred Two case was black inside, I would seriously pay double the price, if it was black inside and had a better overall paint job lol.

Intel 3570k
8gb Corsair Vengeance LP
ASRock Z77 Extreme4
128gb Samsung SSD
SeaSonic X650 PSU
2x 120mm Antec TrueQuiet fans in front.
2x Silverstone 120mm fan filters for side panels (no fans, just to block dust)

What would you guys rate this build on a 1 to 10 scale for cable management?

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  1. Nice and clean, 9/10.
    Swap that stock cooler for something that will blow the heat towards the rear exhaust fan.
  2. For what you have managed in that case I say, 7/10,
    I'm a monster for cables management though hehe,
    rip it all out, paint the interior black like you want to,
    But all in all a good job man, check out the galleries in hombuild and overclocking for more pretty builds to inspire you :)
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