Just built a new system, but does not power on.

I recently just bought all new parts for a new computer. I got everything plugged in and installed. However the system will not turn on. I tried each stick of RAM in the 2nd slot, nothing changed. Checked the CPU and CPU cooler+cables, no effect. Checked the power cable on the PSU to the outlet plug and also all the power cables to the motherboard+HDDs,optical drive, etc. One thing is the motherboard did not come with any standoff screws, so with the CPU cooler attached the motherboard sits higher than the screws that were provided can reach. I managed to get 2 screws to screw into the bottom two corners of the motherboard. The motherboard does sit slightly slanted in the case. When I turn on the PSU the power button for the motherboard lights up and then I press the motherboard power button. Nothing happens, except the LED light for the case blinks once.

All parts purchased through
CPU= intel i-5 3570K
CPU cooler= Corsair Hydro H60
Case= Coolmaster HAF 932
PSU= Rosewill 1000W RBR1000-M
Motherboard= Gigabyte G1.Sniper 3
RAM= G.Skill Ripjaws 4x4GB DDR3-2133mhz
GPU= Galaxy GTX 670 2GB
Optical Drive= LG 12x Super Multi Blu-ray Rewriter WH12LS39
SSD= OCZ Vertex 4 128GB
HDD= Seagate Barracuda 3TB
Here are some pics of the system with everything plugged in.
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    Any screws for the motherboard will come with the case and not the motherboard. There will be some usually brass colored stand off screws and then there will be some screws that will screw into those stand offs and all of those will come with the case. You may be grounding the motherboard and that's why it won't turn on. If you can't find the screws that came with the cace then take out those that you put in and put something ( cardboard , plastic , rubber) between the motherboard and the motherboard plate and see if it will turn on. If it does then you will have to get the proper screws to attach the motherboard to the motherboard plate.
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    Standoffs come with the case and must be used to mount the motherboard in the case (HAF 932).

    After doing this, try to power up.
  3. so that what caused the scream and the lights to flicker in channel.... :o :o :o
  4. Found the standoff screws(in the box that had the case rolling wheels), got those installed. Got the PSU to come on when I push the power button, now it won't boot. When the PSU comes on there is no sound from anything, after about 10seconds it shuts off.
  5. Do you have the cpu power connector pluged into the socket next to the cpu , it would be the 8 pin ATX power cable from the psu (not to be confused with the 8 pin pci-e power cable).
    I do hope you were extremely careful with the cpu when you put it in the cpu socket on the motherboard and didn't bend any of those pins.
  6. Fixed the problem. Ended up being one I didn't have the standoff screws installed(found them in the box with the rolling wheels for the case), and also the CPU cooler I bought was some how shorting the motherboard. Even though I left the plastic on the backplate. So fixed it by installing the stock CPU cooler. Thanks everyone for your support, so happy that the least costly thing was the problem.
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