4gb Gtx680 within a month and price?

Okay so I am planning on buying a Gtx680 with the IvyBridge CPU when it come out but the Gtx680 comes out this week and the IvyBridge comes out on the 29th next month I think. So I have decided to wait until the 29th to also but the Gtx680. I was wondering if you guys think there will be a 4gb version of the Gtx680 out by that time and what do you think the price will be? They have already announced that the price of the Gtx680 2gb has been lowered to $500 which is good. Do you think I can get the 4gb when it comes out for around $550 or will it be more?
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  1. How should we know?
    Do you use more than one monitor? If not, 2gb of VRAM should be plenty. Anyway, if you're waiting until the 29th you'll be able to see what the 680 actually costs instead of going by speculation.
  2. http://www.hkepc.com/7672/page/6#view
    Looks like they 'enhanced' the cooling on the test.
  3. Love the speculation just wait and see...just don't loose a sleep over it
  4. You are better of going for a series 5 sli setup for that price with far better performance. And even if the game does not officially support SLI you can force it on most games. Although performance may only increase by 50% on games not officially supporting SLI, its still by far a better option than a single 680.
  5. You guys do know that Tomshardware accidentally let out a review of the Gtx680 that showed impressive benchmarks right? I
  6. Destroyer432, one thing you can look forward to that should happen is non-reference GTX 680s being offered relatively soon after launch. Even if they don't have a higher memory version released yet, you should be able to nab a card with even higher performance than the initial batch.

    Haliburton makes false claims in just about every post he makes, take his advice with a grain of salt. Pay attention to the reviews and news over the next month and then decide whether the new Nvidia or AMD cards are right for you. Both are highly capable.

    Also, watch this movie!

  7. Quote:
    Sorry to be the one to have to bring it back down to reality but GTX 680 2GB Vram = FAIL and GTX 680 256bit bus = DOUBLE FAIL -

    Bashing Nvidia

    Really tho GTX 680 will be a good card just no good for HD+ resolutions which is a fail for an ultra high end card 1080P will be it forte.

    Bashing Nvidia

    They say thats liquid nitrogen but real thats another fail Nvidia burning up in smoke.

    Bashing Nvidia

    Who is the fanboy here? I recommended he read reviews then make his decision; you bashed Nvida for 3 straight posts.... I could care less about you or your opinions. I state facts and provide information, you make random and unverified claims. If you're going to post, make it constructive not destructive. The OP deserves to know that your claims are not based on fact. Other than that, I have nothing to say to you Haliburton.
  8. Bashing on everyone is hardly better than bashing specifically. As they say on the internet,
  9. Pics! It happened!
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