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My desktop (Win 7 x64) won't copy over my home network any faster than 1.3MB/s. Copying between my other 2 boxes (HTPC and Server, all win7x64) I can get up to 73 MB/s. They all run through the same switch (10/100/1000), I've switched cables, plugins. All switches (2) and 1 router are 10/100/1000 and cables are CAT 6.

I'm I updated to the latest driver (Realtek) and still no joy. I checked the bios and at "Start detecting Port" I get:

Link Detected 10 Mbps
Cable Length 6 m

Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-880-GMA-UD2H (100/1000 networking)

My next step is to wipe the hard drive and reinstall win 7, but I thought I'd check in here 1st and get some feedback. I really don't know anything about networking, just been hacking away getting this home network setup.

I'm thinking it is a windows 7 setting on my desktop or my network port on my motherboard is bad, but I don't know enough to know how to check if it is one or the other.

I'd love some feedback!

Thanks, Mark
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  1. Check the seating of the network cable between the affected machine, and the router or switch it's connected to. The LED light on the router or switch may indicate the link speed. For example, I was trying to copy some large disk images to my laptop from my desktop over my home network a few days ago, but it was running very slow, given that the link should be Gigabit all the way along. Turns out the seating of the network cable to my desktop was off slightly at the switch side, and my link speed was only 100Mbps. Perhaps the same has happened to you?

    If that all checks out, check the driver on the affected system itself. Make sure the link speed there is not hard coded to a slower speed than you're expecting.
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