hi everybody. im looking to build a gaming machine capable of running titles such as witcher 2 on full specs but am confused by which cpu to plum for. ive checked out the hierarchy chart on this website and narrowed it down to two the AMD FX-4170 and the intel i5-3570. one seems significantly more expensive than the other but what i want to know is how much difference would i notice and is it worth paying the extra?

any help would be massiviely appreiciated. thanks!
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  1. The i5 is much better because it achieves similar performance with less cores.
  2. I suggest the i5 over the fx but the bottom line is that either will give good performance in Witcher 2 ... it's your graphics card that will define most of the performance in the game.
  3. thanks for the advice guys. noise, these were the graphics cards i am looking at: KFA2 GeForce GTX 560Ti and ASUS 2GB GeForce GTX 560ti. they were recommended by a shop called overclockers but again im pretty much at sea! would they do the trick?
  4. A radeon 7850 would serve better,or a gtx 660ti.
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