Friend is selling PC - not sure how much to offer

Hello, first time posting. Apologies if I am in the wrong section or missed a forum rule.

I have a friend (acquaintance really) graduating university and heading back to California in a few weeks. He is selling his gaming rig that he bought over here since he can't take it home.

He got three or four monitors and the rig from auction after a game developer went bust in Dundee - i'm not sure how much he paid but probably cheap.

So I don't have the most detailed description of what he is selling but I will list what I know.

-Intel quad core - not confirmed
-nvidia geforce 560 ti - he paid £160 as an upgrade
-8 GB DDR2 ram - he paid £70 as an upgrade
-4 GB DDR2 ram - spare
-GTX 260 - spare
22in benq monitor
2 speakers and sub woofer

Case, mobo, PSU and HDD unknown

There is also the following caveat quoted from his message to me:

Here's the thing: i'm occasionally getting video driver crashes in which the nvidia driver failes and then restarts. So this means i'm playing battlefield 3 and then it goes black and comes back after about 15 seconds, and if you alt tab the toolbar in the bottom right has a little 'nvidia 296.10 driver has crashed). I've found that this really dosent happen unless you are playing music/ a youtube video as well as a game. Its some kind of failure to devote resources to the right program. I'm pretty sure this is due to one of the new ram sticks, as the purchase order was 560ti -> new ram and the problems only started post-ram.

I have no idea how much this should cost and I don't want pay over the odds but I like the guy and don't want to be a dick and offer *too* low.

How much do you think is reasonable for this? (estimates of the whole bundle and just the tower would be great since I have a monitor, speakers and hdd etc)

I should mention that this was originally bought around October 2010 (not sure about the upgrades).

I will try to update with more details of the system as I get them from him. I have also asked what price he had in mind so will post that when he responds.

Cheers for any help!
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  1. Apologies the site said it was down when i clicked the submit button so I posted again. Please delete.

  2. Without Specs its hard to say!!!

    For the problem you are having make sure your mobo bios and all drivers are up to date, update windows and wipe GPU drivers and reinstall.
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