Is the Zebronics 600w PSU enough to run a HD7950?

Hi guys,

I just purchased a Gigabyte 7950 for $400

I currently have a Zebronics 600w PSU

These are the specs on it

A/C Inpur 115/230 Vac 60/50Hz 14/7A
DC Output +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 +12V3 -12V +5Vsb
MAX A 24A 17A 24A 24A 24A 0.5A 3.0A
Combined 140W 576W 6W 15W

Can this run the 7950?
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  1. I,ve never heard of Zeabronics but 600W is enough for that card.
  2. does the Max A matter?
  3. Yes, in a way, nearly all components take power from the 12V rails, so a high Amp rated 12V rail is always better.
  4. So do I need to change this?
  5. Its not a must as your PSU should be able to output enough power being 600W...
  6. What is the exact model number of the PSU?
  7. Max ratings usually mean that the PSU can only sustain those output lvels for limited periods of time. That's a classic indication of an overrated, overpriced low quality PSU. I wouldn't trust that PSU in te sme room as a $400 HD7950 much less trust t to provide clean stable power to my PC.
  8. This is the PSU
  9. Corsair TX750, if I can afford it, can it run my config?

    4 x Sata HDD
    i7 lynnfield 2.93
    ATI 7950

    I also want to ensure that I dont have to switch PSUs in case I want to use a crossfire setup in the future... will the TX750 be enough?

  10. More than enough..
  11. If you were to recommend a PSU for this setup of mine (with an option of adding another 7950 in the future) what would you recommend (I would prefer a modular PSU) Is there anything apart from the TX750 that I should check?
  12. Budget on PSU and what website?
  13. No restrictions on budget... the best quality PSU that can support my config with the option of crossfiring (is that a word ;)) in the future... If the TX750 (costs 9k) is what it takes then I will get it, but if something a little lesser will do the same, ill take that, if there is a reason for me to spend more than 9k I will do that too... I just dont want to buy something today and replace it in a few months :)
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  15. hows the seasonic one better than the tx750 bro? The TX750 comes to the same price.... and sorry I forgot to reply I am trolling ebay global buy and junglees amazon international program... I dont mind waiting a month to get the stuff cuz I ordered my 7950 today via junglee and need to wait a month anyway :)
  16. The Corsair TX750V2 is sufficient for a system with two HD7950s running in two way Crossfire mode and it is an excellent PSU. I did not see it on Flipkart, but other options there are:
    1. Antec Earthwatts EA-750:
    2. Antec HCG 750:
    I'd choose the least expensive between the TX750, the EA750 and the HCG750.

    If you're going to Crossfire, then the extra expense for a modular PSU isn't really worth it because you're going to use almost every cable anyway.

    Not a lot of modular options on Flipkart but here is an awesome PSU that fits your requirements: Seasonic X760KM modular and 80+ Gold. The Antec TP650 is partly modular: but the PSU may get louder when running two 7950s because it will be under a higher percentage load. Great PSU.
  17. The Seasonic has better electrical performance, is fully modular and is 80+ Gold certified; it's a significant upgrade to the TX750V2.

    Edit: Corrected warranty info...both have a 5 year warranty
  18. Gold certified (Corsair is Bronze) so more efficient, a few more cables, the Seasonic is fully modular, the corsair isn't at all (google the TX750).

    Seems Rugger beat me to it.
  19. That PSU is good although i don't think its modular but it puts out more power even though you won't need more than 750W.
  20. It is based on an older design that has been discontinued by Seasonic but it is still a good PSU and more than sufficient for your PC, the SS-750AT would also be sufficient. If it's not new, then you're losing some of the warranty.
  21. Found the x series cheaper will buy it unless there's any thing else for me to check guys... let me know pls :)
  22. Your link messed up...

    That is adequate for your needs and can fully support SLI and can power your other components easily.
  23. If you can afford it, then it's the best PSU that we've mentioned today.
  24. Okay just doing a search online to see if i can find it at a better price :)
  25. Bought it off flipkart itself there was a instant cash discount that I failed to see, bought the price down to 9016 :) Thanks guys... wow I opened a thread and issue resolved within a few hours awesome support guys, much appreciated... check my channel on youtube if you have an android device maybe I can be of help to pay you back :)
  26. Glad we could help - enjoy your great new PSU!
  27. Your welcome.

    I,ve seen some of your videos, good comparisons.
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