FX-4100 throttling back under load

CPU: FX-4100 OC'd to 4.6
MOBO: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 Revision F8
RAM: Kingston Hyper-X 2X4gb @ 1600mhz

This is my friends setup. It is almost identical to mine. Mine works awesome with absolutely no issues, and mine is actually overclocked higher. But what he is running into is under full load his CPU will down clock to about 3.2ghz. I double checked his BIOS settings, and all power and temp modifying settings are disabled, as are mine. The only difference is my motherboard is revision F4 and his is F8.
Can anyone give me some insight on what could be causing this throttling back issue?
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  1. Check temps during intensive programs with HWMonitor, what cooler is he using?
  2. He may not have applied his paste or mounted his cooler right.

    He could also have a suckier PSU or case.
  3. PSU is plenty strong and has the exact same case as me.
    Turns out he found out there is an issue with his version of BIOS. Apparently F8 has a throttling issue. The fix he found was to overclock through AMD overdrive instead of using BIOS. Weird, but it worked.
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