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I Just Installed New Video Card But It Doesn't Fill the Screen

I installed the latest drivers from AMD. Am I missing a step?
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  1. is your resolution set to the monitors native res?

    Are you using HDMI? sometimes there are scaling issues and you need to adjust it in the control center
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    I believe you are connecting to a screen, likely with an HDMI, welcome the world of AMD's stupid default overscaling feature. Go into the Catalyst manager and making sure you are in advanced mode, look for the scaling option and set it to "0". It will for whatever reason by default be set to something like 10 or 15%. When you move it to 0, it will fill the screen. Stupidest default setting I have ever heard of and I would like to see the reasoning behind this fairly undocumented feature that is on by default and set to a higher number than most people will need. Dont have an ATI card in front of me or I would screen shot the exact place for you, but trust me, it is in there.

    Found a screen shot, looks like this in the older driver version:
  3. Thanks guys! I found the scaling and it is solved;) You both answered well, but I'll give best answer to Mickey for taking the time for providing a picture. Thanks to you both again!
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  5. Thanks for the best answer, glad I could help with something that has always annoyed me about ATI cards and HDTV/HDMI usage.
  6. Wow. I just installed a new AMD card and had the same problem. I knew I would learn something by lurking here but I did not expect such instant gratification. Thanks.
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