WC system or ft02 with solid air cooling for 2560x1600 gaming?

Well the title pretty much says it all. I have been assuming I should go with a water cooled rig for gaming at 2560-1600. I plan on using an overclocked catleap 2b so I will be pushing for refresh rates well over 60hz. Now I could do a water cooled rig but if I went air cooled I could afford to go with dual gtx670's or 7970's where as a water cooled rig would most likely only leave me enough cash for a single 7970 or perhaps a 680. For those who don't know about the ft02, its one of the best air cooling cases out there. It mantains a large positive internal pressure and the graphics cards are vented upwards. Not sure if this would be enough to oc the gpus though. Also I'm running an ivy bridge and would like to o/c so that thing will put out some heat. Again though the case and a big air heatsink might be capable. Advice?
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    with a high res you would rather have 2x670/7970 than 1x. you would be getting a lot more FPS if not doubled with 2x670

    WC is to expensive and mostly workshops do them for fun

    if you want to go over 60hz make sure the monitor is able to go past 60Hz(would go for a 120Hz monitors)

    the highest OC for gaming i would say would be 4.5Ghz a Hyper 212 evo can get to a stable 4.2GHz but still gets kinda hot so i recommend Noctua Heatsink
    it is really big make sure the case can fit it and make sure you got low profile DIMMs(ram)
    it can compete with a H100 and beat it but it is very big
    believe ft02 should be able to fit it though

    as far as experience goes for the GPU brands, AMD tends to be better at high res like 2560x1600
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