Got a used 6850 but no sound over hdmi

Ok so i got an xfx 6850 from ebay and hooked it up to my computer and was able to boot into windows but i have no sound over my hdmi port.

I did go to amd's website and download the latest drivers.

I was originally using my intel hd 2000 to put out picture and sound via hdmi and it worked fine. Using the same cable and display i am unable to get sound out.

I went into the sound menu from control panel and definitely see the amd hdmi audio there and it has a green check beside it but i am unable to to test or disable it(via right clicking it.)
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  1. Anyone?

    especially 25 mins after your fist post.

    What have you set as your default audio device in control panel?
    what version of windows do u have?
  3. i have windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

    as for default audio device i would imagine it would be the intel
  4. there is your problem, you need to set it to the ATI audio device.
  5. control panel > sound > playback tab, pick your device.
  6. I've been in control panel sound playback tab. the device shows up but i am unable to set as default.
  7. If it helps i'm only using an hdmi cable(1.4a), which worked with my intel igp, to an lg 42 lcd tv screen(also worked with intel) latest drivers installed.

    in control panel> sound > playback i can select it but the configure button is greyed out as well as the set to default option, even test is greyed out.

    The cable is plugged into the video card's hdmi port. (surprised no one asked.)

    Do i need an hdmi 1.3 cable? i know 1.4 is supposed to backwards compatible but i never believed in that crap.
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