How to know if my GPU is getting enough power?

Hello this is my first post on toms hardware I bought a Nvidia Quarto FX 3500 series graphic card and it does not show on devmgmt.msc device manager I have a stock hipro 300W power supply that came with my HP pavilion the minimum power requirements is 350W power supply (450W required for SLI) and i was wondering if that could be the reason the fan spins normally on the GPU but im not sure if it still has a lack of power im also using a six pin adapter. PS Please Help Thanks
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  1. I dont think that your power supply is putting out enough amperage for that card. Does it display ok?
    Do you do CAD or some type of design work, because thats what those cards are designed for you know..not gaming
  2. yes I do use it for design purposes other wise i would have bought a Ge Force and no im using my chipset graphics it wont show on my computer or anything when i try to install the drivers. Thanks
  3. If the card is working satisfactorily, you have enough power.
  4. the card may be faulty then because I am not sure why the computer does not recognise it.
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