Should I upgrade video card or CPU first

I will list my system specs. I've got $120 on a best buy card so I am leaning towards a video upgrade (I normally wouldn't purchase anything from best buy, but i've got the credit). I am married and cannot spend any more than this amount without wife's permission. I plan to purchase a Phenom X6 in the future, so the video ugprade sounds good now.

I want to be able to smoothly play BF3, Sleeping Dogs, Syndicate, and other newer games at 1600x1050.

Current system specs

Asrock N68c-s UCC mobo (am2, am2+, am3)
4GB PC5300
AMD FX62, 2.8ghz (won't OC worth a damn)
Sapphire HD 5570 1gb video, oc via MSI Afterburner
2x Scorpio Black 7200 RPM 500gb in RAID 0
650W Power supply
Thermaltake Kandalf water cooled case
Sound Blaster Fatal1ty titanium

I built this rig out of a friends spare parts, it did not cost me anything. I would like to know what I should upgrade first, obviously the CPU and Video are weak, but if I could grab a Radeon 7770 2GB for $130, should I do that first?
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  1. Basically if you were running an AMD FX62 and a HD 5570 overclocked, 1600x1050 in Windows 7 64bit and had a tight budget, would you upgrade the video or the CPU first?
  2. Neither of those are very fast, I would just get an Intel i3-2125 with HD graphics 4000 and call it a day. Or one of those AMD APU's, they have decent graphical performance.
  3. I'd suggest a cpu upgrade, maybe drop in an athlon 2 x4. I doubt your motherboard can support better cpus. Most AM2/2+ motherboards are locked to 95w or lower cpus.

    The 5570 isn't fast but your cpu is really in need of upgrade in my opinion. I'd just suggest running at 720p or lower until you can upgrade gpu as well.
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